Roslin Bioinformatics - VIPER

Future of the VIPER project

Whilst the active research and development phase of the VIPER-Project has concluded, we encourage user feedback to drive bug-fixing, feature enhancement and future development of the software.

In particular we are considering how to provide greater user-assistance for data cleaning, both providing operations to edit the dataset (e.g. automatically introducing null alleles to putative sex-linked markers) or to provide further visual clues about where underlying errors may reside.

We would also like to provide a pre-processing component for VIPER, which might identify (and automatically fix) unrecognized sex-linked markers, filter out markers with assays below a given reliability threshold, and identify problematic markers for further analysis. This preprocessing component might segment the data to be analysed into manageable blocks of, perhaps, 10,000 problematic markers to provide responsive user interaction (and speedy data parsing).