Roslin Bioinformatics - Genotype Checker

Saving Reports

The current message displayed in the 'Message Tab' can be printed using the 'Print Message' button or from the 'Report' menu.
The 'Save Report' button or 'Report' menu item exports a set of HTML reports on the Pedigree and Genotype data to a location of choice.

The Reports exported include:
  • BadGenotypesByIndividual.html
  • BadGenotypesByMarker.html
  • BadIndividuals.html
  • BadMarkers.html
  • FullInferenceReport.html
  • Individuals.html
  • InferredIndividualsSummary.html
  • InferredMarkersSummary.html
  • MarkersAndAlleles.html
  • ParsingErrors.html
  • currentMessagePane.html

Saving Cleaned Genotype Data

After problematic datapoints have been identified and masked, a clean copy of the genotype data file can be saved from which all masked datapoints have been removed (i.e. all masked individuals, markers or specific genotypes). A log file recording the deleted information is also generated. Saving of the cleaned genotype file is performed by selecting 'Save Masked Genotype File' under the 'Report' menu. This feature enables clean datasets to be generated for any downstream processing applications.