Roslin Bioinformatics - Genotype Checker

Downloading the application

The software is freely available under terms of our licence.

The software should be treated as a development prototype, and as such may not be bug free. Stable releases will have been more robustly user tested, Beta releases incorporate new features which may not have been heavily tested.

You can either install the software automatically using Java Web Start, or you can download the application JAR file and run from command line or using appropriate memory settings available in the script files. Mac users can download a bundled App. (See Running GenotypeChecker for instructions.)

For checking large datasets you should use the highest memory available on your system, unfortunately most Windows systems can only use a maximum of 1G RAM for Java applications.

Java Web Start links

You are recommended to run the version with the highest memory available. For most Windows systems this is 1G, though 64bit systems should allow higher memory. Attempting to start the application with higher memory than allowed by your system will fail - try a lower setting.

Version 0.5G 1.0G 1.5G 2.0G 2.5G 3.0G
Current (1.005)

version 1.005 JAR file

GenotypeChecker Executable JAR file, including all dependencies
Windows script Batch file for optimizing memory usage on Windows
Linux script Batch file for optimizing memory usage on Linux
Mac OSX script Batch file for optimizing memory usage on Mac OSX
Mac archived App Zip archive of