Roslin Bioinformatics - Genotype Checker

Family Views

To allow the user to analyse sections of interest in the Pedigree, local subset 'Family Views' can be generated by selecting the Individual of interest (Left Click), Right Clicking to get the Context Menu, and the selecting 'Show Family'. Only one Individual's Family can be generated at a time. This generates four new Data Tabs: 'FullSibs', 'SireSibs', 'DamSibs' and 'Offspring' which show only close relatives for the selected Individual The data, the masking and the interactive controls are identical to that shown in the 'Checked Pedigree' Tab, and masking can be set in any of these 4 views (and indeed the 'Pedigree' view). Rechecking the Genotypes after any masking changes is again activated with the 'Recheck Genotype' button in the 'Checked Pedigree' Tab (or the 'Check Genotype' button in the 'Checked Pedigree' Tab). Rechecking destroys the family views - and they must be regenerated.