Roslin Bioinformatics - Diversity Databases

We have previously developed databases for handling data from genetic diversity studies in cattle and pigs. These systems (CaDBase and PigDBase) have remained unfunded for many years and, unfortunately, the technology on which they were based will no longer run on modern system architectures.

We are working to re-purpose our resSpecies system to fit with the subtleties of diversity studies and to extract the data from the now defunct systems in order to populate new versions of the diversity systems. We then hope to load in new data from the archived samples based on up-to-date SNP-chip genotyping methods in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the genetic diversity of European and Asian breeds.

All this is dependent on funding, which is of course predicated on demand. Should you wish to see such a system in place and accessible to all, then please make your feelings known to us by contacting us directly.